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Alexia Boiteau

Client:  American Student Assistance & De Vito Verdi

Design: Visual Identity & Website

Role: Art Direction, Design

Research shows that today’s young people are socially aware and want to take an active role in today conversations that will shape their futures. At the same time, with information and opinions coming from every direction, teens often feel their voices aren’t being heard.

A collaboration between Gen Z students and American Student Assistance® (ASA) identified the need for an online platform that empowers them to advocate for themselves and their causes. In partnership with the American Student Assistance, Creative Agency Devito/Verdi, Data Firm Alliants, Your Majesty was tasked with research, experience strategy, concept, and the implementation of Next Voice.

Next Voice was designed to assist U.S. teens in understanding social issues, getting involved, and amplifying their voices. The platform revolves around three core pillars: 

Explore Voices of Change
Engage with Skills for Change
Act with Tools for Change

From our research, we found that most teens begin their advocacy journey via exposure to an experience that impact them personally. Simultaneously, it is through their understanding of the systemic conditions behind a social issue that they can effectively advocate for their cause. Next Voice’s identity and product concept were founded on this very duality.


Next Voice’s visual identity is brought to life in a colourful and positively spirited graphical language. The statement-like typography articulates the essence of the platform, where the variable custom font makes space for a diverse yet cohesive expression. In addition, the style of the illustrations allows for approaching serious social issues with optimism. The data styling is treated with the same mindset but with a more abstract representation. Dynamics dots are brought to life to convey movements and expression on hot topics.

Turning voice into voices

The Explore section gives teens the ability to learn what other people their age are saying about issues they care about like climate change, life after high school, mental health, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, and gender equality. 

Enriched with social data, Explore gives users a dynamic data view on the discussions that are taking place around key social issues. These data are subsequently dimensionalized with sentiment, emotion, keyword, and geographical analysis to help users better grasp the information.

Explore Voices of Change 

The Engage sections provides teens with knowledge and skills to become better advocate. Leveraging conversations with teens and close collaboration with subject matter experts, the section provides users with a series of interactive learning experiences that make learning fun and actionable.

Engage with Skills for Change

With interactive decision trees in place, teens can quickly find tailored recommendations on how to get started with advocacy. In centralizing key advocacy templates for writing petition, leter, op-ed along with speaking tips, The Act section works as a launchpad for teen-initiated change.

Act with Tools for Change


Client: American Student Assistance

& De Vito Verdi

Data visualisation:


Illustrations and animation: Joe Taylor

American Student Assistance® (ASA) is a national nonprofit organisation committed to helping students know themselves, and their options, and make informed decisions to achieve their education and career goals. ASA believes all students should have equitable access to career-readiness learning, starting in middle school so that they can develop a plan for their future. 

About ASA

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