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Alexia Boiteau

Wembley park website is designed as a destination website; therefore, the way we bring content is different from one device to another one. We didn't  make a responsive but adaptive Website. That way, we match the device in use with an adequate content hierarchy. The content is delivered by Wembley Park but also by the locals (called Insider guides) in the form of tips and hidden gems. 

A content strategy that matches the use of devices

Addressing personal needs in public space

Activation - pitch

Wembley Park is on one of London’s most significant development schemes, transforming the long-neglected space around the National Stadium into a vibrant new district of London. You can now live, work, shop and play in this world-famous cultural neighbourhood, a globally-significant yet locally-loved London district. We approached Wembley park website as a destination website, making adequate choices in content strategy and brand imple-mentation. There is one Wembley park but thousands way to experience it.

Concept poster for the exhibition - photography from ToiletPaper and Kenzo

The original identity element of Wembley Park was quite corporate but the website is targeting a much more vibrant crowd. I translated the original corporate style into a vibrant and colourful identity, making use of animation and tongue and cheek communication.

Bringing life and fun to a very corporate identity 


Client: Wembley Park - London

Design: Website, Campaign (pitch)

Role: Design & Art Direction

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