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We developed an identity that is consistent over a range of means, and flexible for the typical programming diversity of Scottish Ballet. At centre stage of the identity stands a dynamic grid that represents the stage and discipline of the ballet. This ‘flexible grid’ creates a consistent design language that provides a point of continuity across all means. The new logo conveys the movement and energy of dance as well as the light, fleeting moment of it all. 

Sound on!



‘Scottish Ballet’ is always the most important. The production is secondary. An additional level of narration was applied to get audiences more involved and inspired. Thus, for performances communication, the main bold and inspirational title always go along with a cliffhanger. These two messages give different perspectives on the piece.

The strict hierarchy of communication results in a higher recognition that boosts brand awareness and cross-sells

Make a wish, a campaign for the 50 years of Scottish ballet

We wanted Scottish Ballet to celebrate together with the people of Scotland their 50 years anniversary, and give meaning to the line: Scottish Ballet Crafted by Scotland. Dance lover or not, they all together make Scotland Scottish. The mentality, the innovative spirit, the kindness, perseverance and down to earth approach. So we took off on a journey where we asked Scotland: “How can we thank you”?  In 2019, Scottish Ballet has made five wishes come true! 

Campaign Concept 



Simon Sheiber


Charlotte Nieuwland

Logo animation and sound:


Audience Research
Frankly, Green + Webb

The brand distinguishes us from other ballet companies and reflects our personality while we try to communicate who we are; adventurous, lively and empathetic.
Steven Roth –
Executive Director of Scottish Ballet

The posters always stage a prop and a dancer. Together they tell the story. The clear set up insure brand recognizability without being too  repetitive

More than 60% of Scottish Ballet audiences don’t become repeat attenders. Their obvious question was: “How do we get more returning visitors?” Research proved that audiences had very little understanding of Scottish Ballet as a brand and were in need of a narrative and more supporting information about performances.


We defined a new brand essence - Exceptional Entertainment – to marry artistic excellence with the need to entertain audiences. We’ve made the brand distinctive and recognizable but non-pretentious; a brand that is able to connect with a broad(er) audience. The new identity and communication reflect the character of Scottish Ballet: Proud, creative, friendly and engaging, but non-pretentious. The brand is supported by the new tagline: Scottish Ballet. Crafted by Scotland


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