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Marking Territories


Architects are claiming a piece of urban spaces for the time being. This space becomes the translation of their philosophy and vision. They are also trademarking behaviour in the way they anticipate how people will use this space and interact with each other.

The aim of the identity is to (trade)mark the philosophy and the spaces embraced by MVSA. Giving a face and body to the creative process and the vision of MVSA. The identity and how it is used will also give the legacy of MVSA generation after generation.

The logo consists of a monogram that is used as a trademark. By itself, the mark can be used as a simple graphic icon that can be placed

anywhere — attached to a statement, hidden in photography or text, or part of a building —

instantly flagging it as MVSA

The logo is memorable as well as functional and used in a modern and unique typographic language.

The logo

The Graphic language

The identity conveys the vision of MVSA. Therefore, the graphic language always inter-weaves pragmatism with architectural poetry. The visual identity focuses on well being by balancing functionalism and emotionality. It also makes people an important component. The graphic language of MVSA is an extension of the monogram language.

We marry counterparts. Dualism. Mind and body. Function and form. Reality and imagination. MVSA combines two strengths, strong calculation power to stay within budget and to make the most of it with imagination.

We always include a paradox in our headlines. Marrying counterparts, that’s the signature of MVSA agency.

To the rationalist and the believer

The highlight of MVSA online is its Salon des Refusés. The section present on the home and overview page stages the projects that will never be built. These projects are the ones that reflect MVSA mentality and expertise at their purest state.

Salon des Refusés

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