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The logo is an anchor sign, stable and confident, unique. It consists of only lowercase and open letter in order to keep the compact feeling but also to translate a very human, people-oriented brand, the smiling Y participate to the friendlyness of the sign. the logo is a no brainer sign, there is no hidden message. In terms of main colours, we opted for warm pink and orange.

Photography plays a significant role in the new identity of Ksyos. Each medical specialities is illustrated by a small scene. These scenes say something about the medical field, without showing the standard image that you would expect from a medical institution. We show photos that do not contain people or therapeutic contexts and that is a daring step in medical care communication.



Krista van der Niet 

The use of colour exudes fun and gives the brand a non-medical look. The colour pallet consists of 3 levels: The highlight colours (Warm and female), the supportive colours (care sphere) and the ground colours (timeless trustworthy and functional). The supportive colour pallet can be enriched only on the value in between 2 different colours 

The colour palette

KSYOS is the largest digital healthcare institution in the Netherlands, growing courageously from a Don Quixote to an enthusiastic game changer that actually brings distant care close by. Ksyos wants to turn health care into health. Eventually everyone can work on their health from the comfort of their home. We gave KSYOS a new non-medical visual identity and a new website. A holistic approach where the full spectrum of care comes together. Where the citizen, the specialist, the patient, the general practitioner and the paramedic meet. The visual identity is timeless, friendly & no brainer.


Client: Ksyos

Design: Positioning&Branding, Identity, 

Role: Design & Art Direction

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