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Alexia Boiteau



Client: Kip Caravans

Design: Visual Identity & Website

Role: Design & Art Direction

In Kip's world, adventure means good stories and unforgettable moments to share. To translate that state of mind into photography, we use a background with a landscape that is relevant to Kip. A mini-scene always takes place in the landscape with details that attract attention (a strange object, a strange arrangement). The caravan stands in the background, but is never the main focus in the image.

Product Communication

A website to promote the mindset of Kip through inspirational content. The product page is dynamic and animated on scroll, so the user goes quickly through the many specifications.


Photography: Eddo Hartmann

Kip caravans, a Dutch Original, is a smaller player with a long history. A brand that stands out and behaves like a challenger. In communication, the new brand revolves around attitude and behaviour. Kip doesn't sell caravans, Kip sells a mentality. Although Kip sometimes downplays, they are now the only brand with the authentic, real, adventurous camping feeling. Really.

The new logo is inspired by the old country code and stands for the country of Kip, a country in itself. Wherever you are on the road, it is Kip's land. Kip knows no boundaries; it's a free spirit

Kip Land

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