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Alexia Boiteau

The main question of Artsen Zonder Grenzen (Medecins sans frontiers, Netherlands) was, obviously, how to increase donations. 


The new website focus on the following strategy:  

  • Engage with the team, the patients and the situations. 

All projects are made very tangible by showing practice and placing it in the world. Therefore we give context to projects by connecting content. We involve the visitors by talking to them directly. 

The website setting allows to give a stage to everyone involved and give everyone a voice.


  • Choose your level of engagement.

The website offers different donation flows. Moreover, when it comes to design and communication, we layer information. The tone of voice is also adjusted depending on the visitor's level of engagement.


  • Contribute!

We Encourage donation with donation flows that works effortlessly. They are all very transparent and tangible. Finally, we invite people to become ambassadors.


Client: Artsen Zonder Grenzen (Dutch MSF)

Design: Website

Role: Design & donation strategy

Contextualise the different missions

Engage with the team, the patients and the situations

The headers of articles give space to process often heavy photography. 

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